Furniture Appraisal and Estate Appraisal

antique furniture appraiser torontoDan Glazier is the firm’s primary appraiser. Dan has been buying, selling and appraising furniture and antiques in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20+ years.  Dan is the former co-owner of Frontier Sales Furniture.  Frontier Sales was a used furniture/estate store that operated in Toronto from 1981-2016. Dan’s primary role at Frontier Sales was as purchasing and appraisal manager. Dan completed the Canadian Personal Property Appraiser certification in November 2000.

Whether it is one piece of personal property, an entire estate or contents of a home, we can accommodate your needs.

Why Us?

  • Over 20 years of professional appraisal experience and certified by the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers.
  • We are appraisal specialists. It’s all we do. Over the years, we have been engaged by lawyers, accountants, trustees, banks, fiduciaries, executors and other individuals, insurance companies, corporations, government and non-profit clients.
  • Highly personalized service: our signature approach to appraising. Our clients’ needs come first. Period.
  • Integrity, quality and trust is of the utmost importance. As a result, no aspect of the appraisal process is out-sourced. All work is done in-house with a focused attention to detail and planning.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical principles. We always avoid conflicts of interest and self-dealing.
  • In depth, customized research is facilitated through the use of a professional appraisal program, an extensive reference library, subscription-based electronic databases, and a network of qualified experts to assist us as needed.
  • Optional appraisal formats designed for your individual needs.
  • All reports meet the Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice standards as required by insurers, the courts and government agencies.
  • Appraisal updates available as often as markets shift.
  • Affordable rates and transparent pricing – Our fees are not based on contingency or upon the value of the property
  • We serve the Greater Toronto Area as well as all of Southern Ontario
  • No job too small or big.