Why Use a Certified Appraiser?

In essence, appraisers are in the business of addressing the fundamental question: What is the item’s value? Whenever there is a question about the worth of your personal property, there is a risk involved: selling too low or paying too much, not getting your fair share of a division of property, incurring tax penalties, or being audited when claiming a deduction for charitable contributions or calculating estate taxes.

A professional appraiser* helps you manage these and other risks by providing a written opinion of value upon which you can base your financial decisions. Rather than being just an educated guess, the professional appraiser’s opinions are based on prescribed methods of evaluation, research, and report writing.

The accurate estimation and documentation of personal property values rests primarily on the knowledge and expertise of the appraiser. It is wise to choose the most competent professional appraiser with demonstrated expertise regarding the property in question. A professional appraiser can help you protect your assets by providing a written appraisal.

With a written appraisal in hand, you can be confident of the valuation of your property. In addition, the professional written appraisal is a legal document able to withstand courtroom examination and scrutiny from government authorities.

We have been providing appraisal services to organizations and individuals for over 20 years

As a full-service appraisal firm, Glazier Appraisals specializes in appraising antiques, collectibles, furniture, coins, jewellery, porcelain, glass, art, and general household contents for people from all walks of life.

We offer our services throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Our certified appraisers provide efficient and timely reporting based on mutually agreed requirements. We work with lawyers, estate administrators, accountants, bank trust officers, and other fiduciaries to provide expert appraisals for:




 Moving Damage




 Auction Value
 Fair Market Estate Sale
 Fair Market Retail
 Marketable Cash Value


 Gift Giving
 Estate Settlements
 Estate Distributions
 Charitable Donations
 Property Losses


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Whether you have a few items or a large estate, we look forward to assisting you with your appraisal needs.

*Before you hire an appraiser, please note that there are no provincial or federal laws which regulate the minimum training an appraiser of personal property must have. This fact has allowed many untrained or under-qualified individuals to pose as appraisers. It is therefore critical that you know who you are dealing with, their qualifications, and area of expertise.

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